Which is the Best Fitness Watch For Kids

best fitness watch for kids

There are some watches that are designed to work best for certain activities. Let’s take a look at some of them here. The first one on our list is the Best Fitness Watch For Kids. Just how does a kid’s fitness need to be measured?

Put simply, the needs of a kid are much different than those of an older person. Of course you’re going to need different features depending on whether you’re starting out a youth fitness program or seeking a basic fitness watch to assist you with some moderate or competitive workouts.

Features Of Best Fitness Watch For Kids

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Heart Rate Monitor

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Spent a few months evaluating the various fitness watches for kids on the market and was impressed by the vast difference in products from brand to brand. While most kids fitness watches will have a stopwatch, heart rate monitor and time, there’s a lot more to consider than just those three. They all need different features to be effective. Find the best fitness watch for kids that has everything your child needs.

The second feature we looked at was heart rate monitors. Kids are notorious for not getting a good night’s sleep and that can have a direct impact on their performance. A good way to combat that is by making sure their fitness watches have a heart rate monitor built in. If they can’t monitor it themselves, having it included means they’ll always know how they’re doing and, if need be, can make a phone call to their mom or dad to get help monitoring their heart rate.

Provide Sleep Patterns Monitoring

Another important factor to consider is sleep patterns. Kids tend to go to bed later, stay up later during the day than an adult. That means you want a kids fitness watch that has a night light on it. Kids, even babies, don’t have any trouble waking up and using the computer in the middle of the night. They’re still in a sleeping state, so a night light will help them in that respect as well.

Provide Presence Of A Mobile App

A third point to consider is the presence of a mobile app. Most fitness trackers have a mobile app but not all of them have the complete package including the mobile app. If the app doesn’t do what you want it to then you might as well not use it. Make sure any kid’s fitness tracker you consider has both an online map (the standard one included with the watch) and a battery backup to keep the GPS running all the time.

The final feature to consider is whether you want to use the watch or not. The reason is if you want to email your workout history to your spouse or manage your diet and nutrition programs via your smartphone then your wrist watch is fine but if you are going to be working out with your own body then the watch is the way to go. You can also download apps to your phone or android smartphone that will allow you to view your data on your wrist watch as well as those on your computer.

Things To Consider While Buying

Battery life is a big concern for many people. The answer to that question is not necessarily with the type of battery life the watch offers. Instead it’s more with the connection that comes from your smartphone. There are some watches that will work with any smartphone and then there are those that need to be paired up with an iPhone or Android device. If your child spends a lot of time playing on the phone or if you want to monitor their heart rate and workout data on their watch then your best bet would be to purchase a watch that works with an iPhone or Android device.


As far as heart rate goes, the Apple Watch offers some amazing features including the ability to countdown to a hard workout by displaying how many beats remain until completion. This feature is available only with the Apple Watch Series 2. A lot of other smartwatches offer similar features and those can vary in accuracy depending on which smartphone they are powered through. The vast majority of the smartwatch waterproof watches have the same standard heart rate capabilities and the wristbands that connect them require no additional rechargeable batteries so you won’t have to worry about changing batteries after every workout session.

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