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Welchs Fruit Snacks Nutrition Facts

welch's fruit snacks nutrition facts

When you see the name Welch’s you think of a family-friendly ice cream store. But this is no idle business, they are the creators of many ice cream flavors, like their famous blueberry swirl, banana split and chocolate chip ice cream. Their food products are great and tastes just as good as other frozen treat makers. Let’s take a look at some facts about their food products.

Truth About Welch Fruit Snacks Nutrition Facts

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The truth about Welch’s fruit snacks is that it has a very healthy product that comes in a surprising array of flavors. These delicious treats come in flavors such as banana split, chocolate chip, blueberry crumble, coconut, chocolate eclair, ginger ale, and lemon green tea. You can also find them in trail mix, granola, yogurt, cereal, chocolates, and fruit punches. Each of these flavors has its own set of benefits, but the benefits make them the best snack options for you. They are low calories, good for you, good for your kids, and good for your diet. Here is a simple fact that you will not see in many other facts about food.

Facts To Know

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Welch’s fruit snacks do not have a single calorie. This is a very important fact to know especially if you want to be successful at losing weight. If you have limited space to prepare healthy snacks, this fact would be a good one to focus on. Other facts about fruit snacks with this nutrition information would include that the products are low in saturated fat, they have no trans fat and have no cholesterol.

You might have heard that they have lots of sugar. The truth about Welch’s fruit snacks is that they have less sugar than other competitor brands of this frozen treat. One thing that most people would agree upon is that they do have lots of calories. They are loaded with calories because of the ingredients used and the butter in the recipe. However, there is a simple way to lower your calories from eating these snacks and that is to substitute some for something else.

Most fruit snacks have quite a bit of empty calories. For example, a potato chip can have 101 calories. A chocolate chip has almost twice as much. Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight, it is important to find snacks that have more fiber content. These types of snacks will help you fill up faster but still give you the nutrients that you need to stay healthy.

New Addition Of Welch Fruit Snacks Nutrition Facts

There is a new addition to the lineup of Welch’s fruit snacks that have more fiber than the rest. This is called Reebok Rechargeables. There are plenty of healthy snacks on the market that are high in fiber content but these snacks have more fiber than any other product that has ever been offered. Many consumers have expressed that they love the fruit snack but the packaging takes a long time to eat. With the Rechargeables, you cut right through all of that just to get the snack into your system.

You can expect two servings from each box of Rechargeables. That’s one serving per day instead of the normal three-scoop diet that most other products have. The reason why Rechargeables have more fiber is because of the way they are manufactured. The snack is made to look like a food that you would probably eat and then it has fiber added to it. The problem with traditional fruit snacks is that they are not designed to have fiber included.


If you are looking for a great snack that will keep you going for a long time and have lots of fiber, consider Rechargeables. There are many other snack options out there but none are quite as healthy as Rechargeables. They are available at many leading grocery stores as well as many department stores. They have several different sizes to choose from and come in different color choices. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to the unhealthy, traditional fruit snacks, then give Rechargeables a try!

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