The Healthy Lifestyle English Review by Dr Helen Kornmehl -

The Healthy Lifestyle English Review by Dr Helen Kornmehl

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“Cheyenne, Wyoming has been a destination for people seeking alternatives to traditional medicine for many years. The citizens of Cheyenne understand that choosing a healthy lifestyle goes beyond what is perceived as “alternatives,” but begins with making healthy choices and practicing healthy behaviors. The residents of Cheyenne understand that when you treat your body like a car, it will last longer and perform better. That is part of our core philosophy at Healthy Lifestyle Medicine.” – Sue Grafton, MSN, CRNA

“The individuals in our clinic are pleased with the treatment results they receive from our practice, and most are quite impressed with our personal approach to health and wellness. We work with our clients to develop a complete physical evaluation and diagnosis and create a program of treatment that is designed around the wishes of the person seeking care. When a patient receives care from a health care team that supports their wishes and goals, they often have the best chance at a complete physical and mental health.”

Healthy Lifestyle Medicine

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For more information, call or visit the offices of Healthy Lifestyle Medicine in Cheyenne, Wyoming. Our fully licensed physician staff provides personalized, compassionate health care. All treatments are provided under the direction of a board-certified chiropractor with more than 25 years of experience in the field of integrative medicine and wellness. Dr. Grafton is a former vice president of the American Association of Naturopathic Physicians. Her specialties include childhood development, heart disease, cancer, infertility, asthma, and digestive disorders, just to name a few.

“At Healthy Lifestyle Medicine, we strive to use our knowledge and our passion to help you turn your life around – for good,” said Dr. Helen Kornmehl, editor-in-chief of Alternative Therapies Magazine. “This is one of the best books I’ve ever had – it’s loaded with great info and was written by a true practitioner, who has given me so much hope. She is very knowledgeable about integrative health and really breaks down the concepts into easy to understand language. You can learn so many things just by applying this book. I highly recommend it.”

The Healthy Lifestyle English Review by Dr. Helen Kornmehl is another outstanding publication geared toward those who want a holistic approach to total health and wellness. This book not only explains the benefits of a healthy lifestyle but also teaches how to create one. It contains an amazing amount of information on how to create an environment that encourages wellness in your family and workplace. In addition, the book describes how you can gain support, strength, and courage from others who are committed to improving their health as well. This type of literature is truly a valuable tool in achieving wellness, and with the help of this guide, you will be able to build a stronger foundation for a successful lifestyle.

A Much Ado

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The Healthy Lifestyle English Review by Dr. Helen Kornmehl is an incredible reference manual that teaches you how you can utilize the power of words and your own creativity to become healthier. This book not only explains why practicing a healthy lifestyle is important but gives you practical methods to begin practicing it. It is jam-packed with over 80 pages of content that will inform, motivate, and inspire you to make the changes that will benefit you and your family. The clinic of healthy lifestyle medicine is simple to understand, and it provides you with a complete course of action for transforming your health and wellness.

Another aspect of this healthy lifestyle book is its utilization of social media. Most people have heard of the power of social media to market one’s products or services. This is precisely what this book teaches you how to utilize social media marketing for your own personal use and benefit. The Healthy Lifestyle English Review by Dr. Helen Kornmehl uses a unique multimedia approach to communicate the message of a healthy lifestyle through a series of videos and audio files. You will learn the tips and tricks that many people overlook when attempting to promote their business, and this book will give you the information you need to be successful.

Final Words

The Healthy Lifestyle English Review by Dr. Helen Kornmehl is perfect for those people who are interested in improving their overall quality of life, while also developing a positive sense of self-esteem. There is a lot of great information about the power of words and how they can be used to achieve wellness. The Healthy Lifestyle eBook is also extremely easy to read, so even the most uneducated person can easily understand and benefit from this book. With the Healthy Lifestyle English Review by Dr. Helen Kornmehl, you can easily learn how to live a healthy lifestyle without the use of pills or creams, and you can do it in a matter of days!

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