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Books We Recommend On Nutrition And Mental Health

Books We Recommend On Nutrition And Mental Health

What Is Mental Health?

When it comes to nutrition and mental health, the first is having properly functioning emotional and behavioral processes in our brain. In addition, it is being free from mental illness or disease.

A lot of people tend to think that only those who are mentally ill need to put thought into mental health. Yes, this is partly true. However, mental health is a state that needs to be maintained and taken care of, the same way we care for our physical well-being.

Why Give It Importance?

The manner in which we react and handle ourselves in everyday situations whether difficult and not so difficult is an indicator of how high or low our emotional quotient is. And whether we realize it or not, we frequently react negatively and allow ourselves to be stressed. If not dealt with, stress can hide and linger until another situation causes it to resurface, but with twice its effect.

We become more anxious, angry, sorrowful, nervous, along with a string of other emotions that are a result of “reacting” to an occurrence instead of thinking it through first.

Books We Recommend On Nutrition And Mental Health

Our fight or flight response does this. It sends signals to the brain that we are in trouble so that we immediately respond to the stimulant. But this response is not a go-to for our nervous system. So when the brain isn’t on fight or flight mode, we need to be careful of how we asses situations and how we should respond to them. This way, we will be balancing our emotions and maintaining mental wellness.

1. Nutrition Essentials For Mental Health

Books We Recommend On Nutrition And Mental Health

The food that we eat may indirectly affect our mental health. Leslie Korn’s two-book package offerings not only information about nutrition and food groups but of recipes, you can choose from for application. Talk about a practical yet natural intervention!

Your mood and behavior can be turned for the better through specific types of food and specific nutrients.

2. Nutrition And Mental Health: 1st Edition

Books We Recommend On Nutrition And Mental Health

Our lifestyle is the key to maintaining mental health. But because we don’t give it much importance, we fail to realize that the frequency of alcohol consumption, intake of unhealthy food and lack of regular exercise contribute to this.

Ruth Leyse-Wallace, Ph.D. gives us in-depth research on how nutrition affects our behavioral and emotional state of mind. Along with informative topics are tips and instructions on how to make a 180-degree turn from a lifestyle that’s slowly harming our mental health to one that will keep it functioning well.

3. Nutrition And Mental Illness

Books We Recommend On Nutrition And Mental Health

Mental illness is something that occurs quite more frequently than we think. Most of those affected by it are even unaware that they suffer a form or level of it.

Researches have been conducted about how imbalances in bodily functions contribute to imbalance in our mental condition. They’re not always grave but they do allow for subtle results that, if not treated, become serious mental illnesses.

A balance in the food we eat, especially in the nutrients our bodies take in, will support our nervous system in stabilizing our emotional and behavioral processes.