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Protein is a type of molecule which is pretty much relevant in all types of organisms. They constitute of amino acids. There are different types of proteins which all perform specific functions. They are undoubtedly one of the most important nutrients which one should have in their diet plan. They play an important part in the efficient functioning of your body. They make up the tissues of your body and help in the smooth working of your hormones and your enzymes. This is why it is extremely important to have food like fish, meat, and eggs in your regular diet.

The Prominence Of Protein

Protein Rich Diet And Its Importance

It is essential to have protein regularly in your diet. Though the amount of it depends on several factors, you should include it in your plan. An average adult should have at least 60 grams of it every day. Though the importance of having this nutrient is a proven fact, most of the people suffer from its deficiency. An average adult consumes only half of the amount that they require regularly.  It has several benefits when it comes to your body. Let us look at some of the advantages of the same.

  • Most of our cells are rich in protein and many cells including those of hair and nails are made of the same.
  • It helps in repairing any damage which is being made to your body tissue. And it also helps in strengthening and building your muscles and tissues.
  • Not only hair and nails, your skin, blood, and bones also contain a fair share of protein.
  • It is the building block for several enzymes and hormones which have a huge effect on our body. This means that consuming a good amount of these molecule keeps up healthy and running.
  • They are the base of numerous cells in our body. This makes them extremely necessary to have in good quantity.
  • There are different sequences which the amino acids can form in your body and depending on these sequences they form multiple things in our body.

The Important Functions Which They Perform

Protein Rich Diet And Its Importance
Protein Rich Diet And Its Importance

 When it comes to our body, they perform many important functions which keep us running. Several protein cells combine to form antibodies which protect us. They help us extensively in fighting infection and any sort of disease. They also help in muscle contraction which helps in your effective movement. They are also the core of all the enzymes present in our body. These enzymes help in digestion and keep you functioning.

There are many hormones which are also made of protein. Insulin is one of the most prominent hormones which has protein as its base. Protein also helps in controlling the digestion of the glucose. There are many proteins which help in transferring substances from one part of the body to another. This is extremely important. Hemoglobin is a type of protein which is extremely important for the human body. Protein forms the base for the efficient functioning of our body and without it, our whole system will fail.