How To Start With Nutrition Fundamentals

The Importance Of Knowing About The Essential Nutrients

Being healthy and wanting to be holistically centered on wellness is something that people today tag as a novelty. It’s as if it has become something of practice, the way you would music lessons or going to the gym. Wellness is now, if we may say so, up along the bars of what’s popular in this generation.

What we sometimes are unaware of is that we are so focused on taking away things that shouldn’t be in our diets but forget to add in items that SHOULD be. There must always be a balance, beautiful people. Whatever we take away from our meal plans, we should replace with the correct food. Moreover, it’s important to know what essential nutrients to add so that our aim for total wellness will be achieved in full.

The Essential Nutrients

1. Essential Nutrients: Protein

Protein is central in our bodies as it assists the growth and developments of our cells, bones, muscles, skin and even our hair. Our body’s antibodies are also filled with protein, which makes this nutrient extremely helpful in keeping our immune system up and running. You can find protein in meat, eggs, milk, fish, beans, and nuts.

2. Essential Nutrients: Carbohydrates

Just like what we’ve been taught in grade school, carbohydrates are the energy source of our bodies, the fuel to its functions, especially for our nervous system.

Bread, pasta, rice and the like are excellent sources of carbohydrates. However, be picky about the type of carbs you choose since a lot of them out there are processed and are therefore more unhealthy. Go whole-grain, fiber-rich.

3. Essential Nutrients: Fats

Fats? Yup. Fats! Good fats, that is. And by good fats, we mean unsaturated. So do NOT go on a junk spree and start eating fatty food because there are a lot of them, it’s just that most are bad fats. In addition to this, stick to nuts, fish, and seeds since these are rich in unsaturated fats, meaning they are high in omega 3 and 6, which are good for the heart.

4. Essential Nutrients: Vitamins

Vitamins play an important role in keeping diseases at bay. They act as a support to our bodily functions and immune system. Although you can purchase bottles of vitamins and supplements in your local drugstore, you might want to consider choosing fruits and vegetables instead. Plus, the latter is a great way to make colorful your every meal and snack!

5. Essential Nutrients: Minerals

Aren’t vitamins and minerals the same? We used to think so too. Minerals target proper hydration and metabolism. Likewise, they assist in healing wounds quickly and assists in red blood cell support. Similar to vitamins, you can purchase bottles of healthy pills that contain minerals, or you can go to your local grocery or market for bananas, potatoes, and even milk!

6. Essential Nutrients: Water

This, we often take for granted. We hear of how 70% of our body consists of water, still, this is one of the key elements we seem to miss out on. Make it a habit to drink more than 8 glasses a day, and we’re not talking about drinking in one go. Spread it out so that you are constantly hydrated. Also, people who drink lots of water are able to absorb nutrients more easily than those who don’t.

Recommended Books About Essential Nutrients

Alan R. Gaby and the Healthnotes Medical Team have come up with a non-scholastic yet information-filled book for you to be aware of which vitamins and other supplements work together well, and others, not so well. It’s in an A-Z format makes for an easy read that’s researched backed and super fun!

There are numerous ways and sources so that we are able to keep healthy and live healthily. Advanced nutrition and metabolism are important aspects of the process towards wellness and Gropper and Smith provide you with a well-written book that will keep you well-informed about how we can develop nutrition in our bodies.

Find out which supplements and medications actually fight against important nutrients. To add, instead of fighting fire with fire, as in artificial against artificial, Cohen gives you a complete list of natural methods to help bring back the nutrients our bodies need daily.

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