A Simple Meal Plan To Lose Weight

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Are you struggling to lose weight? Do you want a simple meal plan to lose weight fast? Often, we come across fancy recipes or food items that are hard to find. We lose the motivation to lose weight because we cannot source the exotic food items mentioned. But here, we have a simple meal plan to lose weight fast.

A Simple Meal Plan To Lose Weight
A Simple Meal Plan To Lose Weight

Simple Meal Plan To Lose Weight

Early morning

  • warm water with lemon juice/
  • Green tea without sugar. One can have two digestive biscuits along with green tea/
  • Black coffee with digestive biscuits


  • Porridge one cup/
  • 2 slices of brown bread with egg whites/
  • Wheat flakes with a cup of milk. Try to include a fruit before you start your meal.


  • Vegetable salad or some unsalted nuts/
  • One can have boiled vegetables also/
  • Any glass of buttermilk or one or two whole fruits
simple meal plan
simple meal plan


  • Baked fish with a bowl of boiled vegetables/
  • A small bowl of rice with vegetables and a portion of lean meat

Evening snack

  • Have baked snacks or fruits/
  • You can even have green tea without sugar/
  • Puffed rice snack or green tea with some biscuits


  • Soup or chicken stew with rice or Khous-Khous

Before bed

  • A glass of warm milk with some turmeric.

Do’s And Dont’s Of A Simple Meal Plan


  • Eat small portions of sugar-loaded foods only twice or thrice a week like cakes, candies, table sugar, ice-creams, sodas, and other desserts.
  • Eat three properly balanced meals in a day and, if possible, have six small meals in a day with three big and three small. Make sure to select a food from each food group and keep limited portion sizes.
  • Take more of fiber-like in foods like wholegrain cereals and bread. Eat lots of green leafy vegetables and whole fruits.
  • Try to be as active and fit as possible by exercising regularly.
  • Follow a weight loss program with your doctor and try to lose weight gradually and steadily.
  • Diet rich in pulses should be preferred as they give the body the essential proteins required for cell and tissue generation and also help in the healthy working of the cells in the body.


  • Have sugar-loaded beverages such as soft drinks or canned fruit juices.
  • Have table sugar in huge quantities. Avoid honey, sugar-based syrups, and molasses too. Skip meals as this causes fluctuation in their sugar levels.
  • Have fried food and increase the intake of steamed, boiled, or grilled food.
  • Do not have alcohol or reduce its intake as it is loaded with sugar.
  • Have too red meat and egg yolk.

A diet plan to lose weight differs from a diet plan to lose fat. To lose weight means losing muscle, fat, and water from the body while losing fat, one only wants to lose the fat and keep the muscle. One requires more calories to keep the muscle and good, healthy metabolism. A simple meal plan to lose weight may help one to lose weight fast, but in the process, one also loses important muscle mass. A diet plant to lose fat requires one to shun or decrease sugar, decrease fat intake and simple carbs intake.

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