Kid's Dance Fitness - Things You Should Know -

Kid’s Dance Fitness – Things You Should Know

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“Dancing and Health: Making Kids Fit through Kids Dance Fitness” with Kelly Cummings is a DVD designed for parents of young children. It introduces the benefits of a fun, low-impact, low-stress physical activity for kids. The authors, nationally certified fitness instructors Kelly Cummings and Jennifer Schneider, have both been in the health and fitness industry for many years, and they know what it takes to keep kids healthy. They offer valuable information on how to get kids fit at an early age, and they provide wonderful resources and activities on the latest trends in exercise and children’s physical activity.

This DVD will introduce children to the exciting world of dance and gives them an alternative to video games, cartoons, and TV that does not promote wholesome lifestyles. “We are a fitness and dance business that offers specialized prenatal yoga and ballet training for kids ages 2 to 12 years old. Our programs focus on low impact, fun, low-impact activities that will help kids develop core muscles, improve balance and coordination, and enhance awareness and coordination.” Jennifer and Kelly are both active participants in local community theatre, and their passion for what they do shines through in this DVD. What an exciting DVD for young children to start teaching, and parents to watch in awe as their little dancers and gymnasts develop their skills at a young age!

Kids Dance Fitness

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This DVD is full of fun, colorful, light-hearted exercises that will get kids moving and dancing. The authors describe each activity and give you tips and advice on what age group to use the exercise routines that work best for your kids. For younger kids, the dance fitness routines will be very fun. You can see the immediate enjoyment and excitement on the kid’s faces as they learn to move their body parts by moving their hands, arms, legs, and heads in fun and interesting ways. As the kids progress, the music in the background will pick up on their enjoyment and enthusiasm and the routines will become more challenging. The end result is always satisfied kids that leave the dance studio or gym more fit and healthier than when they entered.

For older children, the dance videos provide a good mix of aerobic dance, hip-hop and pop music, and lively sports-type music that parents can enjoy along with their children. The dance music includes songs that have been known to help children develop their confidence and problem-solving skills, while at the same time providing them with fun dance steps to follow. These songs also provide children with some great motivational lyrics that they can listen to as they practice their moves. The upbeat nature of many of these songs is great for getting kids excited about exercise, and the lively nature of the music adds another element of fun to the activity.

Many of the dance fitness workouts that are shown on Kids Dance Fitness are designed to be fun for both kids and parents. In addition, the videos are accompanied by songs that are appropriate for kids to sing along to and enjoy. The lively nature of the kids singing leads to children taking part in the activity, rather than simply watching it.

A Much Ado

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One of the reasons why parents find these videos so helpful is because of the level of professionalism that is shown in the videos. Many of them include professional trainers that give informative and entertaining tips. The interaction that takes place between the trainer and the children provides parents with a unique opportunity to see their kids improve their dance abilities. When kids show an interest in the exercises being performed, they are more likely to continue doing them. At the same time, the lessons help to instill a love of exercise and physical activity in children who otherwise may have given up on ever trying to get in shape.

There is one important piece of information to keep in mind when you are thinking about having your kids participate in a Kids Dance Fitness program. Before you enroll your children in a Kids Dance Fitness program, talk to your pediatrician about what sorts of medical problems are associated with participation in a regular dance class. Children with physical issues, such as cerebral palsy or developmental disorders, should not participate in this type of program. Also, dance programs can cause some discomfort for children with special needs. Talk to your doctor about whether or not your child would be a good candidate for this type of program.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are quite a few positive aspects to dance classes for kids. They help develop motor skills and coordination, teach children how to pay attention and even provide entertainment. If you have children who are not interested in sports but are still very active, then you may want to consider incorporating a Kids Dance Fitness program into your child’s daily routine. With the right fitness program, you can get your kids out of the house and enjoy some fun activities for hours at a time.

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