Healthy Living Guide: What Healthy Living Means To You

Many Ways Of Healthy Living At Home For A Healthier You

Everyone has a different notion of healthy living. My healthy living guide teaches me a lot of things. I practice these things regularly to stay fit, active, and happy. I am sharing my healthy living guide with you.

Healthy Living Guide: What Healthy Living Means To You
Healthy Living Guide: What Healthy Living Means To You

What Healthy Living Means?

Ayurvedic Diet

One thing that stuck in my mind was that as we cross 20, we get busy building our lives and careers and are constantly in the thinking process. We have abundant energy and fire inside us to progress in life. If the Pita Dosha gets aggravated in our 30s, it leads to many imbalances such as poor health, anxiety, anger, and depression. Some lifestyle changes after 30 can help make our mid-life more productive, happy, and healthy. It is also very necessary to be even more cautious during the Pita phase (from puberty to 50 years) of our lives as if we enter into our old age, i.e, the Vatta stage 9 after 50 years), we will face greater health issues. Healthy habits cultivated during the Pita stage, help us age gracefully.

Eat Less Spicy Foods

According to Ayurveda, as you enter the Pita stage, it is necessary to eat foods that pacify and cool the Pita. Foods that nourish, calm, energize, and cool the Pita are raw foods, bitter, sweet, or astringent in taste. Although sweets balance the Pita, consuming too much sugar may result in weight gain. You need to prevent foods that cause acidity.

Reduce Alcohol, Tea And Coffee Intake And Stop Smoking

Another rule of healthy living is to stop the intake of tobacco and reduce alcohol consumption completely. Also, do not take tea or coffee on an empty stomach. These disturb your pita levels and trigger acidity.

Hydrate Your Body

Healthy living’s biggest rule is to continuously hydrate the body. As a person ages, the body loses water. Did you know that the human body is 70% water during birth and this fluid content decreases to 60% at age 40 in men and 52% in women? To hydrate your body properly, you can consume a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables apart from drinking water. Coconut water is an excellent source of hydration for the body along with being loaded with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Hydration is a prime rule of healthy living for me.

Healthy Living Guide: What Healthy Living Means To You
Healthy Living Guide: What Healthy Living Means To You

Engage In Productive Lifestyle

A productive lifestyle means doing something that requires your talent or mind. You will feel good about creating something or becoming of use to someone. It means doing a creative hobby that makes you happy. Often, women feel that they have spent all their lives just working in their offices and have not lived life well. Productive and healthy living right from the start helps you feel satiated and contented in every phase of life.

The golden rule to healthy living is feeling content with your everyday. Do not think that let me live in distress for a few years and then tomorrow will be better. Such a ‘better’ tomorrow will never come because life is always full of struggles.