Healthy Hydration For Children Aged 1-4 Years

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Staying hydrated is an excellent notion. Be it a kid or an adult, and one must always be under healthy hydration. Researches have shown that the water proportion in kids is higher than an average adult. So it is recommended by medical professionals that kids should maintain their hydration level all day long. However, kids engage in playing their self out all day which makes them sweat a lot more than an average adult. It makes them lose the recommended healthy hydration level. Therefore adults who are in supervision duty are required to provide with hydration to kids when needed.

Generally, the toddler, when they start going to schools, they eventually start practicing more and more outside activities. Hence the loss of water content occurs in their body. There is the duty of the adult supervisor to make them drink water any healthy liquid which will help them in keeping healthy hydrated and energetic. The adult supervisor be it the mother or a teacher she should encourage the concept of drinking water and remaining all hydrated.

Healthy Hydration For Children Aged 1-4 Years
Healthy Hydration For Children Aged 1-4 Years

We should think out some healthy and tasty drinking item which would not only make the kid drink it but would also crave for it. So here are some ideas of healthy drinking items that mothers or other adults can incorporate in the kid’s daily routine.

1. Water The King Of All Other Healthy Drinks:

Water is the best source of hydration one can think of. There are several benefits associated with water other than hydration. So making the kid drink lots of water every day will enhance their immune system, as well as keeps them hydrated throughout the day.

2. The Key To Strong Bone And Healthy Hydration Is ‘milk’:

Milk is another great option that comes next to the water. We have seen milk is plays a very important role in a child’s growth from the moment when it comes to life. So for hydration purposes, we can consider it to be a great option to look for. Not only milk is providing the body with liquid content but because it is a rich source of calcium, consumption of milk from a very young age will help the kid when they will grow up. Calcium is responsible for making the bones and teeth of an individual strong. So considering milk for hydration purposes is a very good choice.

3. Fruit Juice For Healthy Hydration Purpose Is Another Great Option:

Healthy Hydration For Children Aged 1-4 Years
Healthy Hydration For Children Aged 1-4 Years

Many toddlers can reject fruit. For infants, their option to reject is quite not direct, but with gestures and actions, an adult would understand. So fruit juice plays an integral part in handling such situations. Decide upon the choice of fruit which is loved by your kid, try making it in your home. For emergency purposes, one can go for packed fruit juices which are readily available in the departmental store around. Fruit juice is not yummy but is also a great choice in making your kid drink regularly. The fruit is natural food items that are full of nutrients and minerals, which helps in building the metabolism of the body. When it serves as fruit juices, it is helping your kid to not only maintain the hydration of their body but also giving a healthy life to your kid.

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