Basics Of Nutrition For Kids

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Kids need proper nutrition to have a healthy growth. Children below the age of 17 are constantly growing and developing. A balanced diet and good nutrition help them grow properly from their body as well as in the mind. Good nutrition is also essential for proper learning and mental functioning. Here is a guide to give good nutrition to your kids.

Good Nutrition For Kids Guide

Nuts and Seeds

Nuts and seeds are wholesome foods that one can have throughout one’s life. They are rich in protein, energy, antioxidants, minerals, omega, fatty acids, and essential vitamins. They are full of healthy fats, such as monounsaturated fatty acids. These MUFAs such as oleic or palmitoleic acids help lower the blood cholesterol and increase the good cholesterol in the blood. Nuts such as cashews, almonds, walnuts, coconuts, chestnuts, etc. and seeds such as chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds, and many such others are essential in maintaining a healthy body. They are the best foods for good nutrition for kids.

Green Leafy Vegetables

Rich in vitamins, C, A, and K, green leafy vegetables are a healthy food one should eat throughout one’s life. These also contain important minerals, antioxidants, and vitamin B. Salad greens, spinach, coriander, mint, broccoli, and mustard are some healthy food items that are examples of good nutrition for kids.


Egg whites are rich sources of protein and vitamin B2. They also contain vitamin D, B6, B12, selenium, and important minerals, such as copper and iron and zinc. Though eggs are high in cholesterol, they don’t affect the blood cholesterol adversely. They also contain choline which is an important nutrient useful in building cell membranes. Egg whites can be eaten throughout your life.

Fatty Fish Like Sardines, Mackerel And Salmon

Some important omega-3 fatty acids, such as DHA-docosahexaenoic acid and EPA- eicosapentaenoic acid, are found in fish. These are essential in maintaining the health of cell membranes. Fatty fish also protects against several threats such as heart disease, stroke, hypertension, depression, rheumatoid arthritis, and many more. Include various kinds of fish to ensure good nutrition for your kids.

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Basics Of Nutrition For Kids
Basics Of Nutrition For Kids
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Basics Of Nutrition For Kids
Basics Of Nutrition For Kids
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Basics Of Nutrition For Kids
Basics Of Nutrition For Kids
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