Get Fit at Your Child's Summer Camp -

Get Fit at Your Child’s Summer Camp

lifetime fitness kids camp

Lighter Up With a Lifetime Fitness Kids Camp for grades three to eight, which combines the fun of summer camp with the fitness you need to stay healthy in your old age. This is a one-week summer-long program designed to help kids develop a healthier lifestyle through nutrition, fitness, and exercise. The one-week fitness camp gives kids a new lesson plan including everything they need for a healthy lifestyle from new lesson plans including nutrition and fitness basics; muscle strength and endurance, sport-specific exercises; a cardio-vascular workout; a weight-loss program; and much more.

Lifetime Fitness Kids is offered by several camps and programs throughout the nation. This is not a stand-alone program, but one that is designed to supplement your after-school activities. This summer camp offers intensive workouts at a low cost that is easy to do and fun to do. They are low-impact activities that still provide a high-calorie burn-down while toning muscles and improving flexibility. Kids have the opportunity to improve their overall health and fitness.

Lifetime Fitness Kids Camp

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This summer, for the best in youth and senior fitness, consider enrolling your child in a Lifetime Fitness Kids camp. Check out all the great benefits of enrolling your child in a summer camp dedicated to lifelong fitness. Your child will be getting a whole week of intense physical activity packed into one exciting day. You will get a new lesson plan that takes them through a complete body workout from head to toe.

The goal of the lifetime fitness summer camp 2021 is to teach healthy lifestyles for children. The program helps students gain confidence and learn new skills so that they can maintain their current fitness level for the rest of their lives. They will learn new sports, team sports, aerobic and fitness workouts and healthy eating all in one convenient, one-day summer camp experience. These activities push their limits and help them grow mentally and physically.

The first week of their camp of a lifetime is fun and fitness-driven as they engage in Water Park-inspired activities. On the second week of summer camp, their focus is on aerobic and cardiovascular exercises and learning how to properly execute them in new sports. Team sports are also a big focus of this camp. At the end of the week, their summer-long adventure is concluded with a grand finale in the Intramural Sports Program, where each team competes in the ultimate Fitness Day adventure. The students are then given a new lesson plan including new sports, age-appropriate lessons, and a new weekly goal.

A Much Ado

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Kids campers are encouraged to explore the amazing outdoors during their stay at a Lifetime Fitness Kids Camp. They engage in adventure-based activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, whitewater rafting, hiking, zip-line tours, and more. They can also enjoy nature programs including nature hikes, walks, and nature watching. As their physical education and athletic programs conclude each day they are allowed to go on a nature retreat where they can relax, eat, socialize and participate in athletic and other outdoor activities. While at this retreat they can learn new life skills such as how to build a fire, make a home for the first time, and more.

The second week of their summer-long adventure is devoted to building friendships while learning about healthy eating. This is the camp experience at its best. Kids can meet and mingle with different children from around the area as they enjoy free-spirited games, energetic activities, and great nutrition resources. Outdoor cooking demos and delicious meals are included in the curriculum. On the last day of their camp experience, their friendships continue with a trip to an outdoor playground and a fun day filled with swimming, running, biking, and playing games in the cool of the day.

Bottom Line

Lifetime Fitness Kids Camp offers teens and their families a once-in-a-lifetime summer experience. The benefits of having a camp that allows children to develop lifelong fitness habits are amazing. Camps such as this allow kids to explore their passions and spend time as a kid. At the end of the camp experience, they have proven that they have new skills, they have new friends and they have a sense of personal responsibility that they did not have before. They are ready to take on the world and are ready to get fit.

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