Fruit Snacks Nutrition Facts And Considerations -

Fruit Snacks Nutrition Facts And Considerations

fruit snacks nutrition facts

When it comes to chewy and sugary snacks, fruit snacks are the first choice of kids. They are fond of them and always want some more. Be it lunch bags, goodie bags, or school snacks, fruit snacks are always part of it. The reason being they are cute, delicious, and enough to satiate sweet pangs. But are these delightful and little sweet snacks healthy and good for our kids? Well, keep scrolling to know the fruit snacks nutrition facts. Let’s get started:

Fruit Snacks Nutrition Facts:

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Here are nutrition facts for one serving-

Fat- 0

Calories- 70

Carbohydrates- 18g

Protein- 1g


Vitamin C- 60mg

Iron- 0mg

No amino acids

No fatty acids

Now you know about the fruit snacks nutrition facts, let’s look at how to choose the best fruit snacks:

Tips To Choose Best Fruit Snacks:

Most people prefer to consume organic foods and snacks, which is why so many manufactures provide natural sweet snack options. They are usually made from organic sweeteners, including honey, sugarcane, and contain an immense amount of organic fruit concentrate. Moreover, they are free from artificial preservatives, and that’s why many parents comfortably give them to their kids.

The best thing about these chewy candies is that each packet is packed with multiple flavors. You can enjoy the flavors, including strawberry, orange, cherry, and so on.

Moreover, some fruit snacks contain a unique set of snacks, including flavors of guava, mango, and different kinds of berries.

You can also explore some fruit snacks prepared with only one popular flavor like blueberry or cherry.

Usually, fruit snacks are a better option than other kinds of candy for kids, but they still have immense sugar. Per serving, they have sugar of 10 grams, but the quantity can change from product to product. Fruit leathers are usually made from less sugar because they have organic vegetables and fruits, so they only possess natural sweeteners.

Many brands offer fruit snacks that contain vitamins, including A and C, which are present in some veggies and fruits. Vitamin A is essential to improve vision and regenerate skin cells. On the other hand, Vitamin C acts as an antioxidant that enhances iron absorption and boosts the immune system. Moreover, with fruit snacks, kids can get between 14% and 39% vitamins like C and A.

These are the considerations you have to keep in your mind while choosing fruit snacks for your kids.

Do They Go Bad?

Yes, fruit snacks can go wrong. If you pick the snacks that don’t contain artificial preservatives, this can cause severe health issues. So, do remember to inspect the packaging to choose a good brand.

Moreover, preserve fruit snacks in any cool and dry place in your house like pantry, cabinet, and so on. This allows them to stay delicious and fresh for a long time.

Final Thoughts:

We hope this content helps you to know the fruit snacks nutrition facts. So, choose them wisely and give a surprise to your kids.

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