Freeze Dried Fruit Nutrition Facts -

Freeze Dried Fruit Nutrition Facts

freeze dried fruit nutrition

There are many benefits to adding dried fruits to your diet, and here are some of the top reasons to add them to your diet. Because of the many nutrients they contain, dried fruit nutrition is an excellent addition to any diet.

Dried fruit is one of the healthiest snacks on the planet! If you don’t already enjoy a few pieces on hand at any given time, you need to get some. This is because dried fruit provides you with the same kind of energy that fresh produce supplies, but without all the fat and other unhealthy ingredients that can make eating vegetables sometimes more of a chore than a reward. If you want to reap the same benefits, you should make sure you are getting enough dried fruit in your daily food intake.

More Healthful Calories

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One of the best things about dried fruit is that it has more healthful calories than almost any other form of fruit. It’s not true that all dried fruits have less calories; it’s just that dried fruits are packed with vitamins and minerals you can’t get from other types of fruit. For example, dried apricots have a lot of vitamins B, A, and E. And dried bananas, along with dried grapes and dates, have healthy amounts of potassium, magnesium, fiber, and iron. That’s not to say you can’t find high-calorie foods in dried fruit- just choose your fruits wisely.

Dried fruit is also a good source of protein. Some forms of the fruit are higher in protein than others, but it is possible to find a variety that is very high in protein. This makes it an ideal addition to any diet or fitness program. If you don’t like the taste of dried fruit, there are plenty of other alternatives. You can make your own versions of frozen yogurt or sorbet, add them to a smoothie, or add them to fruit spreads, ice cream mixes, or cereal mixes.

Remove Much Of The Vitamin And Mineral Content

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If you’re concerned about using freeze dried fruit for fruit nutrition, remember that the processing steps remove much of the vitamin and mineral content, so you will probably want to use fresh fruit instead. While dried fruit is high in nutrients, some of the nutrients may be removed during the processing. This is why dried fruit is usually used as a topping or in desserts–it doesn’t give you a lot of control over what it’ll taste like. Freeze dried fruit is high in fiber–more so than most fresh products. Many people don’t like the texture of dried fruit, but it does provide a pleasant crunch that most people love.

If you don’t care for the texture, consider using fresh fruit. Just ensure you eat plenty of fresh vegetables and fruits to make up for the lack of a crunch in your meals. There’s no question that frozen fruit is convenient and inexpensive. It’s also healthier than the alternatives. Just be sure you are choosing the right freeze dried fruit for your goals and that it’s in a form you like. Many companies process fruit for consumption, but if you would like to use it as a dessert treat or in beverages, make sure the product is in a liquid form that’s easy to add to tea or coffee.


There’s nothing more enticing than enjoying your favorite snack or dinner in the comfort of your own home. However, there’s no reason to have to settle for unhealthy foods when you can enjoy a healthy snack by taking advantage of freeze dried fruit. As long as you take care of the fruits you purchase, they’ll provide you with years of health and nutritional value. It just takes a little research and thought to find the best freeze dried fruit for you and your family.

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