Fish Oil Benefit

Nutrition And Fish Oil: Fact Or Myth

Fish oil is full of omega-3, a fatty acid that aids in proper development of our eyes and our nervous system. Heart conditions and failures seem to be catching up to the plate, with younger and younger people suffering from them. What used to be an ailment that only the elderly we stricken with, today, men and women as young as 30 suffer from stroke and heart attacks.

What Causes Heart Attacks?

One of the common causes of heart attack or stroke is coronary artery disease. This happens when there is too much build up of foreign substances such as cholesterol in the arteries. And when the passageway is blocked and is unable to support proper blood flow, the heart ceases to function.

Other causes include lack of vegetables and fruits in your daily diet, the lack of or the absence of regular exercise, high blood pressure, smoking, and stress. These factors create instability in our body’s systems and can cause heart ailments.

What Can Fish Oil Do?

Furthermore, this fatty acid is able to combat diseases related to heart and can prevent blockage in the arteries. It can also aid against blood clotting and helps lower blood pressure.

So no, fish oil isn’t just an old wive’s tale. It’s been vastly studied, and researches show much evidence about its effectiveness.

Then, why not simply have fish as a part of meals? Well, this is indeed an excellent alternative. By all means, fish, specifically salmon, tuna, mackerel, and sardines, should go into your diet. And if you can have it regularly, the better.

However, for those who don’t have the luxury of time to cook fish dishes or you simply want variety in what you eat, and not just have seafood, you might want to consider for added nutrition. It’s a supplement though, so you should still eat healthily. But a very helpful supplement at that.

1. Nutrition And Fish Oil: Nordic Naturals

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Nutrition And Fish Oil: Fact Or Myth

These non-GMO (non-genetically modified organisms) soft gels are packed with Omega-3 concentrate. Not only does it maintain heart health and fight against heart disease, but it also aids in strengthening the immune system, joints (able to slow down arthritis) and stabilize blood sugar levels. In addition, it acts as a support in mood balance to keep you positive and energetic every day!

Nordic Naturals is known for being a brand that sticks as close to its original source as possible. This means that they try not to over-process the sources used for supplements and medication. Plus, each soft gel is manufactured in triglyceride so that it is more easily absorbed by our bodies. It comes in a great lemon taste, too!

2. Nutrition And Fish Oil: Pharmax

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Nutrition And Fish Oil: Fact Or Myth

Pharmax gives you the fine and pure fish oil in every soft gel capsule. Each bottle of 120 capsules contains essential fatty acids that support the heart and strengthens eye, brain and nerve function. Symptoms that usually come with old age such eye weakening of eyesight, memory, along with nerve and muscle control can be slowed down or even stopped. How? Through consistent use of Pharmax fish oil. Take one daily and be amazed at its positive results!

Prevention is always better than cure, so start taking Pharmax Fish Oil Capsules now!

3. Nutrition And Fish Oil: Renew Life Norwegian Gold

Nutrition And Fish Oil: Fact Or Myth

Be worry and stress-free with Norwegian Gold’s Advanced Fish Oil. With its burp-free formula, you can take each capsule comfortably as the capsules are easy to swallow. Caring for your heart has never been this easy! Alongside proper diet, these capsules have optimum Omega-3 extracts that act as a shield against substances that block the arteries.

Likewise, these supplements do not have a fishy aftertaste, you can take them with ease.

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