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Eating Boiled Eggs To Lose Weight


Losing weight is as much a challenge to you as it has been to more than 50% of the women and almost 42% of the men in the United States, according to statistics. These failed attempts seemed to have made a lot of people desperate to try just about any weight loss diet there is, including the boiled egg diet. This is about eating eggs to lose weight but is this diet worth trying.

What Is The Boiled Egg Diet?

There are several versions of the Boiled Egg Diet, with one being downright scary because it requires you to eat eggs all day long for all three meals. It means eating around 6 eggs a day! It might look a bit logical if you are an athlete trying to bump up your protein intake, but if you’re not, then this diet might not exactly be the one your body needs.

Eating Eggs to Lose Weight: A Guide to the Boiled Egg Diet
Eating Eggs To Lose Weight: A Guide To The Boiled Egg Diet

Eggs are rich in protein, but if they are the only ones you will eat for days on end, you are depriving your body of the nutrients of other essential food groups. And no, experts say that it is not healthy to eat six eggs daily. You can try eating eggs to lose weight, but you need to limit yourself to two a day. During the summer, it would be better if you eat only one daily because eggs tend to heat you up from the inside. Moreover, excessive egg consumption can raise your cholesterol levels, which does not bode well for your health.

What Experts Suggest About Eating Eggs To Lose Weight

If you are looking for a protein-rich diet, go for eggs. Their proteins can help you regulate your blood sugar levels, repair worn-out muscles, boost strength, and improve immunity. They are also among the foods linked to weight loss. However, experts say to beware of the consumption of egg yolk because it has been associated with elevated cholesterol levels and weight gain. This is also the reason why health-conscious people who maintain a high-intensity workout prefer eating their eggs without egg yolk. Experts also tweaked the Boiled Egg Diet to ensure that dieters are eating eggs to lose weight the healthy way without missing out on essential micronutrients.

How Eggs Help In Weight Loss

Studies have shown that eating eggs for breakfast can keep you full for longer because they have high levels of protein. If your current workout routine lets you burn calories fast, the protein from eggs is among the best replacement you can find for the lost muscle. Eggs also boost the weight loss process because of their thermogenic properties that burn more calories and improve metabolism.          

A study observed 30 women aged 25 to 60 years with a 25kg/M2 BMI and who consistently had eggs for breakfast. Researchers later found that the women reported feeling more satiated before lunch and used up less energy.

If you want strong bones and healthy muscles, eat eggs. However, a moderate workout routine should not require more than two eggs daily to help the muscles repair themselves.

Eating Eggs to Lose Weight: A Guide to the Boiled Egg Diet
Eating Eggs To Lose Weight: A Guide To The Boiled Egg Diet

Best Way To Eat Eggs

Experts suggest that if you are eating eggs to lose weight, you need to boil them. Boiled eggs are free from excess fat, calories, and oil. Other versions of the Boiled Egg Diet also recommend eating boiled eggs with salads, fruits, and vegetables.