Dates Fruit Nutrition- What Makes Them Beneficial

dates fruit nutrition

The first benefit of dates is the energy boost it provides and the good news is that this energy boost can last for several hours. Dried dates are low in calories and contain no trans fat, sugar or salt. Calorie wise they are comparable to a cup of orange juice or just a few pretzels.

Dried Dates Fruits And Nutritional Value:

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Dried dates are rich in nutrients and have been used for centuries to increase the appetite and give a pick-me-up to those trying to lose weight. The dates themselves are packed full of vitamins, which includes Vitamin B, dates are also rich in protein, potassium and calcium. The dates themselves have a slightly sweet and crunchy texture that makes them easy to eat and when heated adds to the moistness level of this popular snack. Dried dates are also very high in potassium, which helps to balance out the water levels in your body and give you a burst of energy to help you start your day.

Benefits Of Dried Dates Fruits And Nutrient Content:

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The crunchy texture and moist feel of these products add to the satisfaction of eating them. Dried dates are low in calories and have been used as an energy booster for many years. Dried dates fruit has a slightly sweetish, nutty and earthy flavor that some people enjoy more than others.

There are many health benefits of dates but the two most common benefits of dates are their ability to give a boost to one’s energy level and their rich source of nutrients. A dried fruit is not as rich in nutrients as an intact fruit. However, the best quality dates contain approximately 40% sugar, which helps to keep you fuller for a longer time. Moreover, the organic nature of this product helps to protect the nutritional value of this highly nutritious fruit. Organic dates contain far less additives and preservatives that can ruin the nutritional values.

How To Prepare Dried Dates?

The best way to prepare dates for consumption is to add them to any sort of warm fruit juice such as green tea or orange juice. This process is called ‘dates’ powder’ and you can either make it at home or take initiative and purchase dates powder at a convenient store. Alternatively, you can make a date paste at home by using sugar, yogurt, honey or any other ingredient. All you need for this type of preparation is about two cups of dates, a tablespoon of dates paste, and some optional fruits to be added such as cranberries, cherries or strawberries.

Nutritional Value of a Date Fruit When eaten whole, pitted dates have low calorie value but its nutritional values are far higher than other types of dates. Due to its high sugar content, pitted dates are best consumed raw and is one of the best foods that you can eat on an empty stomach. In fact, the sugar in its natural state is said to aid digestion and also helps in burning fat. Due to its high sugar content, a natural date fruit is better suited as a dessert rather than a source of energy. However, if you prefer it as a source of energy, you can certainly opt for it in the evening.

Nutritional Value of Dried Date Fruits When pitted and dried pitted dates is very rich in vitamins C and B complex, fiber, magnesium, potassium, and protein. In fact, these all nutrients help in strengthening your body system and providing maximum protection from health complications. Apart, from being rich in vitamins and minerals, a dried date is also a rich source of antioxidants that can prevent cancer and also helps in improving cardiovascular disease. Its high moisture content can absorb excess sodium in your body and therefore, dates are highly recommended by diabetic patients. Due to its water solubility property, dates can easily be soaked overnight to extract its health benefits.

Last Words

Benefits of Dried Fruit Nutrition When pitted and dried, pitted and sauced dates also prove to be very beneficial not only for its nutritional value but also due to its unique flavor. Dried fruit snacks prove to be a very easy way of providing energy to your body and also help in regulating insulin levels in your body. With its high level of fiber, a dried fruit snack provides you with optimum dietary fiber. However, before choosing a specific brand, you need to check dates for sugar content. Dried fruit snacks have a minimal sugar level and therefore do not lead to any health complications when consumed on a regular basis.

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