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Improper Dieting

Don’t eat this. Don’t eat that. Especially don’t have any of those. Losing weight isn’t only about cutting down on the amount of food you take per meal. It’s not just about avoiding certain items in your diet.

Furthermore, and we cannot stress and exaggerate this without sounding too dramatic, it isn’t about skipping meals! Nutrition and weight loss must always go together.

We may not be aware of it but we often decide to lose weight without really planning it and thinking it through. To add, we turn to hear-say diet plans without really knowing more about them. Also, because we are hard-wired to want results as fast as we think they can come, we try doing short cuts. And by short cuts, we mean we remove certain meals within the day.

Others choose to go for supplements and diet pills they see in advertisements online. Some are legit, we won’t deny that. However, most of these products aren’t really what they claim.

Before you know it, you’ve spent thousands of dollars on a product that doesn’t work. Dr. X’s diet plan, Trainer Y’s Celebrity Recipes and the like also come into play but somehow, they don’t seem to do the trick with you.

Nutrition And Weight Loss Are Inseparable

This might sound like an oxymoron. Nutrition and weight loss, not nutrition OR weight loss. You might think this is a contradiction. Well, it isn’t. Proper weight loss is always accompanied by proper diet and nutrition. If we simply cut food out, we might get slimmer, yes. On the other hand, missing out on key nutrients will be harmful to our bodies in the long run.

One thing we should keep in mind as we decide to lose weight, the plan should fit our lifestyle, and should not take away nutrients from our daily diet.

1. Hello New Me

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This simple yet detailed book by the Happy Books Hub presents itself as your own personal health journal. Track your progress as you eat, feel, and look healthier by the day. The step-by-step process of this book’s suggested methods allow for this wellness practice to be incorporated in your lifestyle so that it’ll be easier for you to follow it for long term.

And that’s what we want for you: long term methods for long term results!

2. Mini Habits For Weight Loss

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It’s been said that it only takes about 3 to 5 days to form a habit, and 2 weeks to get rid of it. Author Stephen Guise explains that if we’ve been eating certain unhealthy food for a long period, they act as a crutch and make us think we’re losing a lot by letting go of them. Not so! For every habit we erase, we need to replace it with one that’s beneficial to our health.

Guise will help you create mini habits towards healthy dieting so it won’t feel like a chore but a constant in your life!

3. Weight Loss Success Book 1

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Haylie Furman’s incredible healthy dieting books show you that it’s possible to lose weight while still maintaining meals throughout the day. She writes that it’s a matter of eating the right kind of food.