Best Kids Fitness Bands

Kids Fitness Band

Give your kids a fitness band to wear that can help you monitor their physical workout, their activity and their calories burnt in day. This helps you monitor the activities of obese kids and get them back in shape. Here is a list of kids’ fitness bands.

Kids’ Fitness Bands

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Garmin Vivofit Jr. 2

The Vivofit Jr. 2 is a second generation fitness band for kids by Garmin. It works as well as the adult version known as Vivosport. This junior version monitors steps taken and also tracks active minutes in a day. It also monitors the sleeping time for your kids. This fitness watch is branded with Star Wars, Disney themes, Marvel and comes with a very unique band and watch face. It can be easily paired with a phone and your children can play adventure games linked to Star Wars, Marvel or Disney.

This watch is waterproof and made from rubber. It is available in two sizes. This smart tracker watch also introduced daily rewards for kids such as a themed game or a story as soon as a child would complete their daily goal. You can track steps taken by your kids and get into some healthy competition to see who takes most steps in a day in a family. It makes you track chores and for each chore completed, your child can earn a coin. These coins can be redeemed for rewards. The battery life of this fitness band can easily last for a year. It is just a standard coin cell battery and hence it can be easily replaced without any worry.

Fitbit Ace 2

This fitness watch tracks your kids activities and is also quite durable, waterproof and is available in various colors. It’s new version is quite cheaper than the original one. This one is totally designed for kids. It has a tough silicone band that lasts longer than a metal band. It easily adjusts to your child’s wrist and feels quite comfortable. This one is a waterproof design and your child can wear it in the pool. It tracks your steps and also monitors your active minutes. You get exciting rewards like incentives, badges and fun characters on completion of a goal.

One can set up reminders for bedtime sleeping and waking up schedule. It also has the feature of an alarm. It monitors your sleeping and waking up hours as well. This one is an easy to use kids’ fitness band that can easily navigate between screens. You can also change the clock faces and customize them accordingly. It is easy to sync this gadget to your phone. It has a parental view and a kids view feature. The kids’ view allows kids to see limited statistics like steps taken, badges and some other basic information. The parental view allows you to set up your entire family on a single app.

These are two of the best kids’ fitness bands that you can consider investing in.

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