Best Garmin Kids Fitness Tracker To Get Your Children Into Workout

garmin kids fitness tracker

Best Garmin Kids Fitness Tracker To Get Your Children Into Workout

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How do you get your kids to get into the habit of working out? Well, nothing better than gifting them a Garmin kids fitness tracker!

Take it from someone who does everything to make their kids do the right thing, getting your children into working out can be quite a battle! You will hardly find any child who actually loves getting up early in the morning and work out unless there is some sort of motivation. And, these fitness trackers for kids are exactly what they need. Before you object, let me assure you, it works!

Garmin Kids Fitness Tracker Will Keep Your Kids Motivated

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If you have ever been in a regular workout routine early on in your life, remember what motivated you to do so. It’s always about achieving something more. There must be a goal. The Garmin kids fitness tracker offers that goal. It shows progress and motivates the person to stay on the path. It isn’t merely the fun of owning one of these cool fitness watches (well, that is certainly a motivation, besides having the opportunity to show off), but also the fact that your kids will be able to witness the progress. That’s motivation! And, you can always challenge them to achieve more. So, which are the best trackers available? Let’s find out.

The Force is all around when the BB-8 vivofit jr. 2 is on your kid’s wrist. This swim-friendly activity tracker is tough enough to make it through playtime, and with 1+ year battery life, there’s no stopping the action to recharge. Parents manage chores and rewards from the parent-controlled mobile app, while kids get to experience app adventures that feature Star Wars characters such as BB-8.

Swim-friendly kids activity tracker with Star Wars theme

Kid-tough stretchy band, Features a customizable color screen and 1+ year battery life; no recharging needed

Syncs with free mobile app, which includes chore management and schedule alert tools for parents

Kids Advance in bb-8’s adventure: a Star Wars story app adventures by meeting 60-minute daily activity goals

Tracks steps, sleep and 60 minutes of daily recommended activity

Your kiddos can explore their world with the vívofit jr. 3 fitness tracker for kids. Featuring a swim-friendly colorful display with multiple watch face options, this kid-tough tracker has a parent-replaceable battery that gets up to 1 year of battery life. With it, kids can uncover educational, globe-trotting app adventures (requires Garmin Jr. app loaded on parent’s compatible smartphone paired to vívofit jr. 3) and mini games by completing 60 minutes of daily activity. Parents can use the app on their compatible smartphone to monitor steps, estimated sleep and active minutes, manage and assign chores, set timers and even give rewards to positively reinforce good behavior. Motivate kids to keep moving with new timed activities that track estimated steps and distance. And for a little peace of mind, quickly see your child’s emergency contact phone number right on vívofit jr. 3.

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