Best Diet plan For weight loss

Weight Loss Diet Plan

I’m suggesting this diet because it’s easy to follow and is sustainable.

The best way to start this diet plan is by going through the pre-planning phase, so you know what you need before your diet kicks off. The next step is to set a goal date and identify the time frame that you would like to reach your goal weight in. You’ll need a calorie intake calculation chart for this next step, but a lot of apps have calculators that allow you to input info from your height, weight, age, and activity level and it will do the caloric calculation for you. The number of calories that your body needs is different from person to person, so this is something that you’ll need to figure out for yourself.


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A lot of recipes are available that are designed specifically for those who are dieting. Some examples include the following:

Vegan zucchini pizza roll-ups

Quinoa apple salad

Eggplant and pepper vegan sandwich

Sriracha tofu scramble

Cauliflower pizza crust

“Healthy chocolate pie”

Your starting calorie intake should be around 1,200 calories. Eating too much at the beginning of the diet actually slows down your rate of losing weight. You can choose whatever two days work best for you when setting the goal date, but I would suggest not going out of town or being busy because carrying food with you can get hard to do at times.

Your calorie intake can be adjusted depending on how fast you’re losing weight at the point in time. If your weight loss is showing up quickly, try to drop your calories down by 200 every week until you reach 1,100 calories per day for women and 1,600 calories per day for men. You should never go lower than 1,400 calories for women and 1,800 calories per day for men.

These are the number of servings you should be eating based on the number of calories you’re consuming daily:

1,200-1,500 Calories – 3 servings of vegetables/day – 3 servings of fruit/day – 4 servings of dairy/day – 3-4 servings of protein/day

1,500-2,000 Calories – 4 servings of vegetables/day – 4 servings of fruit/day – 6 servings of dairy/day – 3-5 servings of protein/day

What is a serving?

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A serving of vegetables is usually half a cup

A serving of fruit is usually one-piece or 1/2 cup

A serving of milk is two cups or 1/4 cup in a smoothie

A serving of protein is 4 ounces

What shouldn’t you eat?

Anything above 500 calories should not have any junk food. When you’re on a diet, it’s best to eat fruits and vegetables so that you don’t get the munchies. Junk food will only make you crave your goal weight even more because you’ll be replacing good snacks with processed ones, which are high in calories.

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