How To Teach Your Kids Proper Nutrition

Nutrition For Kids

As parents, we like to think that we alone know what’s best for our children. And we need to. We are their primary guardians and they are fully dependent on us from birth till the time they step into their pre-teen, and even teenage years.

This lets us believe that what we think is healthy for us, is healthy for them as well. That logic is true, indeed. However, let’s not forget that as they are much younger, therefore still in the stage of development. So, there are certain types and amounts of nutrients their bodies require, which may differ slightly from ours.

Nutrition for Kids

We might be thinking, “Nutrition for kids? There’s the food pyramid for that.” Yes, this is definitely correct. The food pyramid is an underrated nourishment guide that’s often overlooked. Likewise, some have come to the idea that it is no longer relevant to the generation of this day and age.

Why Teach Kids About Nutrition?

It’s a fact that we, parents, will be there every step of the way. We will be ensuring that the food our little ones eat will support the proper growth and development of their bodies. During their early years when brain, muscle, and bone develop at a rapid pace, what they consume will largely contribute to these. So, we have to be extra careful about what we include and don’t include in their meals.

In addition to this, it’s just as important to teach them about nutrition. Time will come when there will be more hours they spend outside than at home. When they don’t pack lunch and the like, they’ll be choosing what to eat in the cafeteria. Letting them truly understand the importance of proper nourishment will allow them to pick the correct items to eat without thinking “ugh, healthy food.”

Plus, they will be having for themselves this excellent habit even into adulthood!

Highly Recommended Books That Teach Kids About Nourishment:

Nutrition For Kids: Teaching Them Proper Nourishment

Maryse Rouffaer presents you and your child with facts about nutrition in a very light yet informative manner. Stuff that you thought were true and stuff that aren’t given much focus in school are presented in this amazing book. You and your little one will definitely enjoy reading it together. Your kids will learn how to choose the right food to eat and say no to ones that maybe popular but are in fact, unhealthy.

Visuals are an effective teaching aid for memory retention. Tom Naughton and Chareva Naughton made sure to bank on this idea in their book that tells children of health and diet knowledge from the perspective of an adult who wishes he knew these things when he was younger.

It’s an insightful and creative way to pass on the torch, so to speak, to today’s generation. Naughton even present nutrition details through beautiful illustration kids will surely love!

In a world where what tastes good is overrunning what’s ACTUALLY good for the body, it’s a challenge to steer kids away from junk. Fast food, junk food, and artificial sweets are so enticing and easy to purchase anywhere. Additionally, there are more restaurants that serve unhealthy food than ones that serve the opposite.

However, Lizzy Rockwell shows you and your child very practical need-to-know “food rules. ‘She explains which types of food are good and bad for the body. Written in a whimsical fashion, kids will find it a joy to read through every page! At the same time, they will learn about the different food groups and know how to start eating right.

This fun and colorful book by Breon Williams gives nutrition learning an almost magical approach! With bright illustrations and creatively worded sentences that inform about food groups and nutrients, parents and their kids will have a wonderful reading sessions about health!

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