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A healthy body is equal to a happy mind, and that’s why you need to take control of your diet and nutrition. Fitness exercise is not a dream only courageous and dedicated people pursue. And it can include so many things such as muscular endurance, cardiorespiratory endurance, muscular strength, body composition, and flexibility. All of these impact the quality of our mental life too. To reach your dream body, you need the right amount of motivation, and besides your gym buddies and trainer, books can motivate you to gain muscles. Today, we will share six most popular books that are related to nutrition and will help you extend your knowledge about your body flexibility.

6 Popular Nutrition And Fitness Books You Should Read
6 Popular Nutrition And Fitness Books You Should Read

1-The Four Hour Body

Who likes the idea of experimenting with your own body? The Four Hour Body by Tim Ferris explained a few techniques and 80/20 rule, which has everything you need to learn about your body. The topics cover everything from workouts to sex and low or extra fat exercises that will help you gain or reduce your overall weight. The book has some information about different types of food from different nations, and that will help you achieve your knowledge about nutrition.

2-Advanced Concept Of Personal Training: Fitness Exercise

Everybody needs a personal trainer who teaches us the best move. But there is no one more reliable than a book, and by reading a helpful book, you can become your trainer. The basic understanding of physiology and bioenergetics helps in guiding yourself about the best nutritional advice, and it also helps you in building a healthy lifestyle. Since on one else knows you better, you can train yourself with your time, patience, and dedication. This fitness book will also teach you some facts about nutrition that you will find helpful.

3-Stretch To Win: Fitness Exercise

The more you will stretch, the more you will gain flexibility. You need some motivation to do so, and this book will help you win it. It includes 15 minutes of yoga sessions and a lot more helpful tips to pinpoint some of the mistakes that you have been making while practicing exercises. Moreover, you will always need something that would help you keep going. Then let’s read this Stretch to Win book by Ann Frederick.

4-The China Study: Fitness Exercise

The China Study has a lot to say about diet, nutrition, exercises, etc. You don’t need to be a vegan to read this book. You can read it for a lot of purposes. But this book will get you a little bit worried about the meat you eat regularly.

5-Deskbound: Fitness

Many people work 9-10 hours at their workplace, and that pressurizes a lot in your shoulder and back. Sometimes people even feel pain due to that long hour of sitting. This book will help tell you a lot about sitting. It will tell you that sitting can harm you even if you exercise regularly.

6 Popular Nutrition And Fitness Books You Should Read
6 Popular Nutrition And Fitness Books You Should Read

6-Born To Run

Running is undeniably good for your health that keeps you fit and refresh. If you are not a regular runner, this book will give you enough reason why you should try running. You can check out our other posts to find more comprehensive answers about the same.