50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

50 healthy kitchen tools. Eating healthy is no longer just a fad that hits all the right spots on the Trend-O-Meter (not an actual thing). Today, keeping watch over one’s diet has become a way of life. And so should it be yours and mine.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

It’s not as difficult as you perceive it to be. Changing your meal plans into one that’s centered on natural, nutrient-filled food items. At first, the change may seem daunting. In the long run, you’ll witness that you can incorporate healthy edibles into your very own cooking.

Below are some tips to remember about how to do so.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: How To Cook Healthy

Let’s start with the basics, as we always say. You don’t have to drastically replace every single item in our kitchenware cupboard or in your fridge. Although, that said, by now you can point out which ones are ruinous to your diet. Discard them. Don’t think twice.

Where were we? First, don’t oil it up. Your dishes, that is. Oil is full of mono and poly-saturated fats. These are enzymes that your body will find difficult to absorb and digest. Therefore, they turn into bad cholesterol. Often, clogging arteries when unchecked.

So stop with the oi. Lessen, if entirely cutting it off from your cuisine is not possible.

Second, try other cooking methods. Grilling and steaming are a few of the techniques that use less oil. This will encourage you to quit grabbing that bottle and pouring it out in your casserole. Another, you can have a go at steaming, baking, and microwaving!

Last but not the least, add less salt. There’s this notion that salt enhances the flavor of any dish. Partially true. However, there are other ways, and other healthier ingredients that can do the same thing.

When you ingest too much of it, your body will retain H2O. Too much water in your system may overwork your arteries, among others. And an overworked you will result in higher blood pressure. The conclusion? Less. Lessen, as much as you can.

Drum roll. Here then is the list of our Top 50 healthy kitchen tools to get you started.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools:

1. Multifunction Vegetable Slicer

There’s so much of these in online adds. A vegetable slicer that makes your vegetable-slicing job easier. Which one to choose? We’ve got you covered. There’s a kitchen utensil in town and it’s at #1 on this very list.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

The multifunction vegetable slicer has a pull-string mechanism that differs it from other similar devices. The difference? Instead of turning a lever or grinding veggies through some blades, simply… tug on the string and this item’s blades will instantly rotate a number of times per second.

And if you’re looking for a specific type of slice, then use any one of its 3 top blades. Grate, grind, you name it. This tool has got it all.

2. Microwavable Layered Lunchbox

Thinking of having variety in your packed meals? Dieticians say that this strategy is an effective one. Having variety in your healthy meal plans will train your mind (and your taste buds) to get accustomed to eating right. No more of the junk food you used to constantly devour.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Here’s a 3-layered container that will secure each set of eats, a layer after another. By the way, if you’re planning on having soup on the side, no problem. This has a leak-proof system that works amazingly. Whether soups or dry eats, this is the ideal lunchbox for everyone.

Furthermore, it’s totally microwavable. Cold lunch, anyone? Shake your head sideways and jam a layer at a time into the said heating equipment. Hot lunch should be something accessible even when you’re far from your kitchen!

3. Kitchen Fruit And Vegetable Organizer

Messy bag, messy mind. Something to that effect. And that saying is applicable to anything else, say, your fridge. A messy fridge makes a messy cook. Again, something to that effect. We can’t remember the exact saying.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

But here’s a tool that will change that. The kitchen fruit and vegetable organizer. It has strong clamps that will allow you to maximize empty spaces in your refrigerator. For instance, the bottom-end of every tier. You’ll understand what we mean when you click on the button.

Above all, its hollow design offers ventilation to food stored therein. Which also offers easy-viewing access. These fridge organizers will let edibles be instantly identified once you pull that fridge door open.

4. Mini Food Dehydrator Machine

Snacking should be X-marked for the healthy-dieter? Yes and no. Yes, if what you mean by that is snacking on artificial and junk food (There’s actually no distinction between the two). And no? Because there’s a snacking option that’s good for you.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Through owning and operating this mini food dehydrator machine. So you like chips. We do as well. Alternately, fruits and veggies can be made into chips without losing their nutrients. A replacement to health-ruinous monosodium glutamate-filled chips.

This dehydrator’s bottom vent is the feature that makes those natural relishes get light and crispy. And with 5 layers, you can have as much dehydrated, nutritious chips as your heart and stomach desire!

5. Manual Seasoning Grinders

Don’t underestimate seasonings. They’re tiny and offer a significant difference to a cuisine only when they’re in clusters. Still, if you want your dish to taste magnificent through mixing in seasonings, we have just the product for you.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

These manual seasoning grinders aren’t merely canisters for those delicate ingredients. They’re adjustable grinders, to boot! Its grinders have various-sized ports so you can change the size of peppercorns, cumin, and other seasonings that aren’t in powder form.

6. High-Speed Multifunction Food Processor

You’re always on the go. We know it. Hustle and bustle seem to chase you wherever you are, even inside the kitchen. If you’re constantly rush hour-ing meal preps, then you’re going to cherish this high-speed multifunction food processor.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

With a powerful dry grinder at the base of this food processor, meat and vegetables will be cut repeatedly until they’re thin and small enough to what your dish needs. In contrast, it’s energy-efficient because of its low power consumption, you’ll save heaps on your electricity bill.

7. Multifunctional Manual Vegetable Spiral Slicer

You know what they say, creativity knows no limit. Plus, if you have the proper tools to let your cooking prowess be amusingly unconventional, then that saying really will be proven true. Prove it with the multifunctional manual vegetable spiral slicer.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Swirls and spirals are the new cuts for vegetables. Let your special home-made cuisine stand out with these funky vegetable designs. To further that, this kitchen equipment doesn’t require an outlet. Its manual level is all it will take to spiral-ize!

8. Multipurpose Revolving Grater

Cheese, cheese. Oh, glorious cheese. Where art thou, if though isn’t grated well enough? Graters? They’re a dime a dozen. Yet many of them work excellently only during their first few runs. Give it a few months, some, weeks, and they’ll quickly be blunted.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Not with this multipurpose revolving grater. Its blades are on the barrel itself. Once the cheese is in the chute, it has a pressing to move the cheese lower into the blade. When in contact with the said blade, it will automatically rotate on its own.

9. Natural Black Western Slate Stone Dishes

How about elegant dinnerware that is sure to make your guests feel extra special? High-end restaurants and hotels have such unique utensils that elevate any dish set upon them. Why not add them to your kitchen collection?

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

These natural black western slate stone dishes are like nothing you’ve seen before. Slatestone has great heat and acid-resistance. Certainly, food items, no matter their type, will not stain and cause damage to these dishes’ surfaces.

With different measurements to choose from, you can serve your homemade recipes in a lavish and classy manner.

10. Multifunction Kitchen Stainless Steel Scissor

An ordinary pair of scissors won’t be as effective in the kitchen compared to a pair that’s made specifically for meal preparation purposes. Those scissors you use for the office and other places? Not a good idea for ingredients.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

But the multifunction kitchen stainless steel scissor is! Its grip size and blade length are ideal for cutting meat, vegetables and other food items. Most notably, its blades can be unhinged, if you need to use such a tool separately.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: 4-Piece Cheese Knives Set

When it comes to cheese, there’s no other reaction more proper than to smile. Maybe that’s why people go “Say cheese?” (Actually, according to historians, it’s that “cheese” sounds like “cheese” but yeah).

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Dairy should be a part of your diet and you can have your daily dose of that good ol’ calcium with this 4-piece cheese knife set. With 4 different types of outlines from tongs to a scooper, you can enjoy slices of cheese, with elegance.

True, cheese is that Spread of sandwich filling you often see anywhere. On the other side of the coin, it can also be enjoyed luxuriously with this knife set. And maybe, a glass of wine.

12. 6-In-1 Multifunctional Vegetable Slicer

Whether fruits or vegetables, nature’s eats are always an excellent source of rich vitamins and minerals. This sounds elementary but it’s a fact that stands unrefuted. So, let your cooking be filled with these munchies!

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

The 6-in-1multifunctional vegetable slicer has 6 different blades. That’s 6 different ways to slice ingredients in a delightfully creative style. Plus, all you have to do is slip a blade on its top covering and you can conveniently slice away.

As for the peelings and other bits and pieces? This slicer has its own peeling-catcher on its base. The container acts as a bin for those unwanted bits. Once you’re done slicing, remove it from the slicer and throw away the excess peelings.

13. 3-In-1 Avocado Saver

Avocado much? Scientists have proven that avocados offer fibers, heart-healthy enzymes, potassium, and a myriad of other nutrients. Although, as you already have experienced, they’re a sensitive kind, texture-wise.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Instead of running and mushing the fruit up due to kitchenware that isn’t a match for it, try the 3-in-1 avocado saver. Its plastic blades cut through its skin and meat cleanly. Also, it removes the pit without causing discomfort or injury to your hands.

14. 2-In-1 Professional Meat Tenderizer Marinade Injector

Curing and cooking meat with your special healthy marinade is the better choice. At least, when it comes to ensuring you have healthier meat dishes. Rather than buying them from fast food joints.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

To assist you with getting meat ready for cooking, this 2-in-1 professional meat tenderizer and marinade injector will be your helpmeet in the kitchen. It has 3 pinholes for sauce-flow. Furthermore, it has a number of spikes to poke meat into a very tender texture.

You won’t need to exert so much effort on this tenderizer. Its spikes will

15. 2-In-1 Chili Bell Pepper Jalapeno Seed Remover And Slicer

Chili peppers are known to have enzymes that boost metabolism and enhance fat burning. So, if you want to remove that excess fat from your body, have peppers in your meals. Consequently, if you want a more hassle-free tool for removing those seeds, here’s #15.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

The 2-in-1 pepper chili pepper jalapeno seed remover and slicer. Push this simple plastic device into the middle of the bell pepper until it reaches the bottom. Upon twisting and pulling it out, those seeds will come out of the veg itself, just like that.

16. BBQ Grill Mat

One cooking technique that’s healthier than most is grilling. You utilize less oil. Therefore, that’s less bad cholesterol brought into your system. And grilling isn’t as tough as some imagine it to be. This is true with the BBQ grill mat.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

It conducts heat more easily, making grilling less of a chore and more convenient than ever. Additionally, it’s made of Teflon Fiber. So, you can remove the grilled items without the trouble of bits and pieces sticking to the mats.

17. Bamboo Steamer Basket Set

Earlier, we mentioned how grilling is a healthy option for cooking. When it comes to the same context, steaming is a less-to-no oil cooking technique as well. You can go organic with how to steam eats through our next item.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

The bamboo steamer basket set employs only hot water as its source for steaming. In order to have those dumplings, Bao buns, veggies, and other non-junk edibles, this steamer basket set is a must-have.

18. Bamboo Cheese Board

Back to dairy and other similar products, you can prepare and display them in a luxurious manner. And in an almost 5-star hotel presentation. Luxury doesn’t have to bore a hole in your wallet. Just like this bamboo cheese board.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

It isn’t your ordinary chopping board, y’all. Nope. Aside from its high-quality, eco-friendly make, it has a drawer that includes 4 types of cheese cutters. To add, it has slots for placing other food items to have with cheese.

19. Borosilicate Glass Measuring Cup

Measuring ingredients. Rather, having the appropriate measurements when following a recipe. This is a step that you shouldn’t miss. That’s why it’s best to have tools to help you with this task in the kitchen. One such tool you’ll love is…

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

The borosilicate glass measuring cup. Its main material of borosilicate glass has a high-temperature range. You can even heat it in a microwave or on a gas stove. Likewise, its structural integrity and non-porous overall are what make it corrosion-resistant.

20. Bread Slicer Holder

Loaf bread can be a tricky thing to slice. Too much force and you’ll squish it to a pulp. Too little and you’ll end up with a mess of crumbs on your table. There’s a practical device that’ll save you from these hassles and it’s here on #20.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

The bread slicer holder. It makes bread slicer effortless with its guide-dividers that lets you slice through loaf with equal thickness. Moreover, it’s manufactured with food-grade AB plastic, it’s definitely safe for you and your family.

21. Ceramic Kitchen Chef Knife

Top of the top cutlery is what every cooking-passion-enthusiast (professional or not) should strive to invest in. After all, quality knives will aid you in making cutting smooth and uncomplicated. And the hardwearing kind will save you money in the long run.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

This, you can achieve with the ceramic kitchen chef knife set. The whole package contains 4 differently sized knives. Each one with its own cover-protector. Even more, it has a peeler, too. Their ABS, ceramic and TPR make will provide you will cutting-edge cutting experiences. Redundant? Heck yes! But true.

22. Compartment Lunchbox Multi-Layer Insulated Bento

Those lovely bento boxes that speak of Japanese cuisine? Now, you won’t have to go to a Japanese restaurant for that kind of food experience. If we may add to the excitement, you can prepare it yourself, and to-go!

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

With the compartment lunchbox multi-layer insulated bento. It has a divider to separate 2 varying dishes from each other. And let’s not skip how it’s insulated. Hence, it can keep your lunch warm until it’s time to have it.

23. Cute Cartoon Character Lunch Box For Kids

This time, let’s talk about a lunch box that’s perfect for kids. That’s right. It’s a healthier recourse to prepare your children’s packed meals at home. This way, you can monitor what kind of food they’ll have during their break in school.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

This cute cartoon character lunch box for kids has heat-resistance properties. So, it can be heated and reheated in the microwave. What’s more, the materials used to piece it together is food-grade. And don’t worry about spills because it has a leak-proof lock system.

24. DIY Pastry Pie Dumpling Bun Maker

Bao buns. Or how-ever these scrumptious bread-type Asian snacks are called where you live. They’re a sight to behold and a taste to melt the heart. Well, with that, you understand just how much of a fan we are of it.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Have them at home, DIY, with the DIY pastry pie dumpling bun maker. With PP material that’s safe both to food and to the environment, it’s an easy-to-use tool for the infamous delectable eat. Put the rolled dough (with its ingredients at its core) on the molder, pull its tube-lid up and watch it form into a bun.

25. Dual Bottle Water

Making your own drink is the way to go if you’re watching those calories. Drinks that are served in restaurants and fast-food chains are rarely without unhealthy sugars. In contrast, preparing them at home will mean you’ll have a hand at controlling how much of it to stir in.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Grab this dual bottle water while it’s available! It’s unlike most conventional tumblers out there. Why? Due to the fact that it can store 2 drinks at once. It has a double-tube opening, you can have 2 of your favorite health drinks in the same bottle.

26. Electric Food Slicer

Stop wasting your precious time cutting and slicing ingredients manually. Though there’s nothing wrong if this is something you’re used to. However, if you’re like us and you are trying to save on every minute, as much as you can, what with your busy work schedule, here’s a solution.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

This electric food slicer will shorten your slicing time significantly. It has a blade speed of 275 turns per minute and slices with a thickness of 1 – 1.5mm in thickness. Get those slabs of meat and veggies cute with precision through this kitchen equipment.

27. Fruit Spiral Roller

Trying to get the family to be more into nature’s produce? There’s a fun and delightful way to do that. Make those fruits and vegetables quirky and out-of-this-world! You have your recipe down to a T. Now comes the fruit spiral roller.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

This fruit spiral roller will let your carving skills bloom (sort of)! Drill the device into the chosen vegetable, twist until the desired Twizzler-shape comes to life. No need for electricity. No need for batteries.

28. Food Vacuum Sealer Packaging Machine

One important step to take when lengthening the shelf life of edibles is to keep oxygen out. That’s right. How can oxygen be kept out when it’s in the air we breathe? Through vacuuming it from the edible item and sealing the said item thoroughly.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Of course, this can’t be accomplished manually. In contrast, it can be achieved through this epic food vacuum sealer packaging machine. For such a tiny piece of equipment, it works on 80 watts, to guarantee that bags are sealed and air-tight.

29. Fruits And Vegetable Instant Cutter

There have been reports that show how a lot of fast-food chains deep and double-fry their French fries. How about you give it a healthy twist by frying them on your own, with less to little oil, and definitely no additives. Afterward, cut them restaurant-style.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Those thin-cut taters? You can have them with the fruits and vegetable instant cutter. No manual up-and-down-ing of a knife on potatoes. Insert the potato itself in this tool’s chute. Close it with its lip and watch the vegetable come out as French fry-sticks!

30. Double-Layered Lazy Snack Bowl

Organic edibles have to be washed well before you can have a bite off them. Yet sometimes, we don’t take this tip as seriously as we should. Mainly because it’s easier to be lazy about it (we’re guilty, too). Guess what? You’ll be able to kick that excuse goodbye with…

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

The double-layered lazy snack bowl! First, it’s a strainer that has a bowl to immediately catch the water that’s strained. Finally, that part of this double-layered utensil can be utilized as a snack, fruit or vegetable bowl.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Kitchen Chef Knife

Meat-lovers out there (like us), there’s a piece of cutlery that can swish through thick slabs of meat without you having to break a sweat. Professionals and non-pros alike adore this gorgeous make of a knife.


This kitchen chef knife is made of manganese clad steel. Consequently, it has high tensile strength and hardness that not many knives can boast of. This means that you won’t have to weigh down and exert too much effort as you maneuver it.

32. Kitchen Baking Oil Cooking Spray

Reducing the amount of oil you use in your cooking can make your cuisine healthy. Less bad cholesterol equals good-for-the-body. Only, it can be a challenge. Controlling that amount of oil, when the container often pours out a dollop at a time!


Not with this kitchen baking and cooking oil spray. Instead of having to pour droplet after droplet or dollop after dollop, this item will spray cooking oil on the dish you’re preparing. No spills and leaks with this leaf-proof spray.

33. Foldable Basket Strainer

In terms of straining pasta, veggies, and other munchies as you boil or cook them, there’s nothing better than a strainer that will efficiently do the work for you. And today, you’ll find out that indeed, there is! The foldable basket strainer!

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

It has large dimensions to accommodate more food in it. You’ll be able to easily lift it from a pot once ready to be strained. And it’s foldable! As a result, you can press it down flat. That provides you with ease in keeping it after use.

34. Food Storage Containers For Pasta

Pasta-bout to have a good time with some Italian flair? Store pasta and other good in containers that will ensure they won’t spill or leak, and that they’ll be air-tight enough to keep those edibles from spoiling quickly.


These are what describe this set of food storage containers for pasta. This item is 100% airtight! Thus, it’s a great container for preserving food. Most noteworthy, it has a slender and ergonomic design that saves space in your kitchen.

35. Fruit Infuser Juice Shaker

Want some of that fresh fruit juice? What about some tea? You don’t need to be seated in a fancy restaurant or seated in the comfort of your dining room (er… home) to have these fanciful and healthy drinks.


What you should have with you is the fruit infuser juice shaker. At its center, you’ll find an infuser that will let the flavor of fruits or of tea be squeezed out until the very last drop. Certainly, you’ll have a firm hold on this tumbler with its rubber grip.

36. High-Speed Multifunction Food Processor

We’re into convenience, plus more work that’s done and in a shorter amount of time. That’s what this Top 50 list is about. And when it comes to chopping and dicing meats and vegetables, there’s a device that will finish the work in a jiffy.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

The high-speed multifunction food processor. It runs on 500w of pure power. So when the ingredients are inside, the processor grinds them to a pulp. Or according to how you want them sliced.

37. Multifunction LCD Digital Kitchen Cooking Timer

Time your cooking right and avoid burning your casserole. Or undercooking it. Or not leaving it to cool as long as the recipe suggests. Timing is crucial in cooking. As a result, it’ll be beneficial to have a timer to act as an alert for when to turn the stove on or off.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

It has an LCD digital screen to let you easily view the timer itself. In addition, it has a complete set of functions for seconds, minutes, and hours-buttons. Along with a clear, start and stop tab, it also has a mode function.

38. Nonstick Metal Pizza Baking Pan

Movie nights. Dinner-ins. Parties and gatherings in your living room. There’s a kind of food that never seems to be of any home’s go-to. Pizza. And when you’re in a DIY-mood or aren’t wanting to order out, then go ahead and make your own!

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

This nonstick metal pizza baking pan has a perforated bass for even heating. Uncooked bits when you bit into a slice? Adios to that! Another, they have a non-stick finish for the dough to be lifted from it without sticking to its sides.

39. Non-Stick Copper Frying Pan With Ceramic Coating

What’s all the hullabaloo about nonstick ware? The hullabaloo that’s making people go gaga about them is that, if they work, they promise exactly what they’re named. Food items don’t stick to these pots and pans.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Why don’t we up the ante with ceramic coating? Yup. This non-stick copper frying pan has a ceramic coating that reinforces its nonstick feature. No more scraping leftover portions from it. No more using a steel brush and accidentally damaging the pan itself.

40. New Multi-Functional Filter Spoon With Clip

We’re into multi-function, 2-in-1, more-in-1 types of items. That’s what sells these days. And that’s what people look for when purchasing. Efficiency to the maximum, if we can call it that. For #40? The same is true.

Clamp fried chicken dripping in oil or other ingredients that you need to be rid of its sauce by using this new multi-functional filter spoon with clip. One end is half of a pair of tongs while the other is a strainer. Flip it over and that chicken will be stained hassle-free.

41. Potato Spiral Cutter Slicer

They’re a fad in street food anywhere across the globe. Tried them yet? Potato spirals are all the rage because of its eccentrically amusing and thin cut. You’ll see what we mean once you click on the button below.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Finally, here’s a simple device that doesn’t require you to follow a list of complicated instructions to use. It has a gripper to hold the tater in place. Next, on its other end, insert the spiralizer and twist away. You’ll end up with a swirling delight of think potato curls that’s ready for frying.

42. Nylon Noodle Kitchen Tongs

Here’s a set of tongs that can handle large quantities in terms of weight. It has a nylon plastic wrapping on its stainless steel, to offer heat protection for your hands. High-temperature resistance? Check, with this kitchen product.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

This utensil is non-toxic and is food-safe. You and your family can use it repeatedly and not worry about chemical hazards. Whether you’re cooking pasta, fried eats and meats, and whatnot, you can pick them up with ease with these kitchen tongs.

43. Plastic Silicone Reusable Food Cover

Storing food shouldn’t be a challenge. Nowadays, you’ll find cellophane wrapping in local supermarkets. Along with foil and other forms of cling wrap. The only problem is that with these coverings, you can’t reuse them.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

On the other hand, this plastic silicone reusable food cover can be used, reused, washed, and utilized repeatedly! Most importantly, it’s flexible and can stretch out to cover most universal-sized bowl, plates, and containers.

44. Plastic Tofu Press Mold

A source of protein, iron, calcium, and other essential nutrients. And it tastes good! No salt. No additives just pure soybean form through the curdling of soymilk. Fried or steamed, soft, healthy, block-chews, you can have at home with…

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

The plastic tofu press mold. Going to the market to look for that legit tofu stall that makes the soybean product clean and fresh. Skip that for the time being and utilize this press mold. It will mold the tofu while it’s still in-the-making and come out squared and ready to slice.

45. Pumpkin-Shaped Glass Teapot With Infuser

Tea is an excellent cleanser. Nutritionists call it nature’s detoxifier. So if you’re a fan of this organic drink, good for you! We are, too. Finally, you’ll be able to have it warm, fresh and ready-to-serve with this pumpkin-shaped glass teapot with infuser.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Most teapots just have a hollow space inside them. This has an infuser that can be placed in the pots very center, to let that tea flavor really blend well with hot water. Above all else, it’s made of durable glass that won’t nimbly crack or break.

46. Stainless Steel Potato Masher

Mashed potatoes, anyone? We love ordering this snack when we’re out in fast food joints and restaurants. But how about making them at home sans the unhealthy oil and too much butter? Try out #46’s product.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

The stainless steel potato masher. It’s a non-electric, non-battery operated tool. No levers. No buttons. Just a plain masher that’s manufactured with strong and sturdy stainless steel. You can press and mash potatoes efficiently with this kitchen aid.

47. Rubber Japanese Wood Plates

Elevate your utensils and dinnerware with products that don’t only look amazing but are amazingly helpful to the environment as well. There’s nothing like a wooden finish to plates. Clean, simple, and classic.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

Like these rubber Japanese wood plates. These low-maintenance plates can be conveniently cleaned and maintained. Due to their hardwearing properties, they’ll maintain their quality even after repeated usage.

48. Silicone Ice Bucket Ice Molder

Let those healthy juices and smoothies be chilled enough to go against the summer heat with… dundundun… ice! Good ol’ ice. You shouldn’t struggle with those typical ice trays that are difficult to bend once the ice hardens.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

This silicone ice bucket ice molder can be twisted and squeezed once the water you’ve poured has frozen. No more banging of ice trays against the kitchen counter to get the cubes out. A few twists and turns are all this item will take.

49. Silicone Kitchen Tools Cooking Sets

There are cooking utensils that appear stylish and trendy, yet aren’t that helpful when you use them on-the-job. A lot of these have handles that heat up along with the pot or pan you place them on. Well, not with what’s on #49.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

This silicone kitchen tools cooking set has wooden handles that are poor conductors of heat. Before you raise your eyebrows, that simply means it doesn’t let the heat get transferred to it. Your hands will be safe from scorching with these cookware sets.

50. Stainless Steel Garlic Press Tool

Don’t let that garlic aroma stick to your fingers and fingernails every single time you use it in your cooking. Not that there’s anything wrong with its eye-opening smell. But if you have other tasks to do, paperwork and such, nobody wants that garlic-y scent on what they touch.

50 Healthy Kitchen Tools: Cook Healthy, Be Even Healthier!

The stainless steel garlic press tool will crush garlic without you having to lift a finger. Literally! Put the garlic clove in the chute and press the tong-like mechanism together. In a matter of seconds, you’ll have crushed garlic, easy.

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