30 Day Sit Up Challenge

30 Day Sit Up Challenge And Its Effects

If you have a weak abdomen, it will work for you to take up the 30 day sit up challenge. You might not be able to see some significant changes initially, but the changes will be visible after a strenuous training of one month.

If you are on the lookout of targeting any particular part of your body intensely, the challenge will get you covered on it.

30 Day Sit Up Challenge And Its Effects

The 30 Day Sit Up Challenge Is For Everyone

Even if you are not a fitness enthusiast, the challenge will get you into doing sit-ups, planks, leg lifts, and crunches regularly for one month. There is no need for you to change your regular diet or add more cardio into your daily life when practicing the 30 days sit up challenge. The idea behind taking up this challenge is building a habit instead of expecting some significant results.

Is The 30 Day Sit Up Challenge Easy?

The original test is whether the 30-day schedule can get you into regular strength training or not. Initially, it will be breezy and convenient. In the beginning, you might feel as if you can make this challenge a long-term habit, but things are a bit different than what you think. The first day of working out will consist of five crunches, fifteen sit-ups, ten-second plank, and five leg lifts. The leg lifts can be really difficult while everything else will be within your potentials.

The challenge also offers the users a one-day rest after every three exercise days. The workouts remain similar as days progress while just increasing in number. Therefore, it is quite likely for you to think that it will be perfect for you. Also, because it does not call for a huge time commitment, you might think it to be easy. Things get more complicated with the progress of the challenge.

The Difficulty Level

As the days progress, the challenge gets tougher with the count of the repetitions increasing every day. Initially, you are doing 15 sit-ups which feels like nothing but by the time you reach Day 10, you will be doing 50, and this can be pretty difficult. On Day 15, the challenge requires you to complete 70 sit-ups, 42 leg lifts, 60-second plank, and 90 crunches. Do you still think the challenge to be easy? No, right

The level of difficulty enhances every day. You need to be fully prepared to put in a good time in doing the exercises. For the first few days, you will have to work on mastering the art of exercising. Once you have learned how to practice planks, leg-lifts, crunches, and sit-ups, it would get less time-consuming for you to finish your regular schedule.

30 Day Sit Up Challenge And Its Effects

Is The 30 Day Sit Up Challenge Effective?

If you are working on the objective of creating time for exercises, you can achieve it by going for the 30-day challenge. By the time you complete the challenge, you will find significant changes in your body. Thus, you can say that a 30-day challenge is effective.

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